Partners and Solutions

We have a variety of different partnership options that will assist you in achieving your business goals. We pride ourselves on being a flexible, responsive company that maintains close and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.


PDFFab Reseller Program enables our resellers to focus on specific countries or regions. We switch into individual negotiations instead of laying down fixed terms. Sales volumes and commitments are the key factors in determining partnerships. PDFFab provides a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners.

If you want to cooperate with PDFFab, please contact us via email:

Key Benefits for PDFFab Resellers
    High-quality products
  • PDFFab always provides our resellers with high-quality products and we have a huge number of users and software reviewers all over the world.
    Low prices for wholesale
  • PDFFab provides competitive wholesale prices depending on the wholesale quantity and the market.
    Flexible customization
  • PDFFab also provides product customization for local markets according to your requirements, such as adding company info, localization, increasing exposure and enhancing brand awareness by putting your company logo and links in a conspicuous place on our website, etc.
OEM Partner

Our OEM partners are hardware/software vendors or relative technical service providers that embed PDFFab technologies with their products to keep their products more valuable to excavate more business opportunities.

OEM partners categories
    Hardware partners
  • Manufacturers of hardware products (such as digital cameras, mobile devices, desktop computers, servers, and so on) can increase their margins by integrating PDFFab technologies and delivering the combined bundle.
    Software partners
  • Independent software vendors can easily integrate PDFFab products into their existing product portfolios. The enhanced program creates a higher value product, generates significant additional revenue opportunities and decreases the threat from competitors.
    Service provider partners
  • PDFFab provides a range of products to allow PHPs, ASPs and other managed service providers to get more customers by offering online service.
Why become an OEM partner of PDFFab?
    Dedicated support
  • Our professional OEM partner support team provides you with the consultancy and services to successfully integrate our technologies to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Entirely focus on the needs of business customers. PDFFab has gained the trust of 35 million business users from over 150 countries.
  • 1. Must be a legal firm;
  • 2. Must be willing to sign a contract;
  • 3. Must have been in business at least one year and are financially independent;
  • 4. Must be willing to commit to establishing long-term business relationships;
  • 5. Must show that your proposed form has a connection to their corporate business plan.

Now, we sincerely welcome you to take this cooperation opportunity to create a brand-new future!

Distribution & Publisher

We are seeking cooperation with companies expert at software distribution. We also welcome publishers to sell our products without designing or developing software by themselves. We have already successfully cooperated with publishers in multiple countries. If you are willing to join us, please contact us via emails:

Key Benefits
    High-quality products
  • PDFFab has professional and experienced teams to make high-quality products for the world market.
    Full customization
  • Publishers can sell our products either under our brand or their own brands. We can fully customize our products according to the requests to develop our products with new graphics, new languages and even new functions.
    Competitive license fees
  • PDFFab provides our publishers with competitive license fees which will be negotiated and agreed on according to the quantity and market.

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